Current Driving Jobs in South Africa – Code 10, 8 & 14 Drivers

  • SalaryRand 1000-2000 / Monthly
  • ShiftFull Time
  • Job QualificationsMatric
  • Number of vacancies45 openings
  • Job experience1 year
  • Job levelOfficer

Job Description

To become a driver, you must understand the meaning of the driving laws and how to obtain the necessary driving licence. Three classes of driving codes can be created.

Those who obtain a Code A, A1, or Code 1 permit will effectively be authorised to operate cruisers. People who pass the second level, which includes Code B, EB, Code 8, and Code 2, are authorised to operate light motor vehicles. Additionally, some codes allows anyone to operate a minibus, transport vehicle, or goods vehicle.

Finally, a driver can operate a heavy vehicle with a Code C, C1, EC1, EC, Code 10, or Code 3 licence. Depending on the code, there can be a variation in the vehicle mass.

Similar to any authorization cycle, prospective drivers must apply for and pass a student test before taking the street test. It is made clear that the age requirement for applying for a permit in the latter two categories is 18 or older.

For a Code 1 or 2 permit, the minimum age is 17, and for a Code 3 permit, the minimum age is 18. A Code 1 permit, which is only available to cruisers with motor limits under 125 cc, may be obtained at the age of 16. Except for Code 1 licences, student licences are valid for two years and require that the student be accompanied by another driver who is fully authorised. Although it is recommended, a student driver should not be required to display a large red “L” on the back window in order to let other drivers to follow the driver.

The potential driver can take a driving test to receive their driving licence with the learner’s permit. The driving test consists of two parts: the yard test and the road test. During the yard test, the candidate must demonstrate a variety of parking and turning manoeuvres in a parking lot that has been properly designed. The candidate must demonstrate their driving skills on public roads while adhering to the examiner’s instructions in the road test if the yard test is successful.

Latest Driving Vacancies in South Africa

On the JobWeb South Africa jobs website, there are openings. There are numerous intriguing work options available for people who are prepared to achieve these prerequisites.

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Mode of Application

Code 10, 8 & 14 Driving Jobs in South Africa: How to Apply



If after three months you still have not heard from us, kindly accept that your application was unsuccessful.

Pre-Employment Evaluations:

All candidates who match the aforementioned requirements must go through job-related exams to determine their fitness for placement, which includes a qualification verification.

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