People have argued about things that are seen as healthy but really aren’t

Seen as healthy people have actually discussed things that are seen as healthy but really aren't

We live in confusing times and nowadays we get mixed messages about just about everything.

And that includes what’s healthy AND unhealthy.

It can be a real pain in the ass trying to figure out what’s really good for you!

And these AskReddit users were kind enough to share things that are seen as healthy but really aren’t.

So beware!

“Herbal medicine.

One of the times I got really unhealthy underweight was when my mom tried to “cure” me by forcing me into a mostly Herbalife diet. I had to drink multiple smoothies a day loaded with these supplements, which made me nauseous, which meant I couldn’t eat regular food during the day.

I got pretty sick. The people who made her try this crazy diet in the first place kept swearing that she needed to keep going to cure me of multiple chronic illnesses (these wellness scammers love the “getting worse before they get better” narrative) and she was desperate, so I it held too long.

They even insisted we listen to phone calls from many other people who allegedly had chronic illnesses talking about how this was their life changing cure, and when I asked them why they were making us do this for a product we were already buying they yelled at Myself.

It took me a while to recover physically and emotionally, it still annoys me that people were so desperate to sell their overpriced smoothie mix that they were very willing to make someone already sick even sicker. It’s a horrible product and a completely unethical business model.”

“The belief that if a product does not contain artificial chemicals it must be healthy.

Arsenic, cyanide and a multitude of other substances are natural and yet they can kill you.

“Be yourself even when you’re an asshole and your actions negatively affect others.

People stopped being thoughtful and kind.”

“Alkaline water.

The human body should not be alkaline.

It is normal for the pH to be just above neutral. If, for some reason, someone’s pH is too acidic, it’s likely an indicator of a serious health problem and not something that can simply be “balanced” by drinking alkaline water.

“To have perfectly white teeth.

It is not a sign of healthy teeth, but brushed, chemically treated or completely polished.

“Hugh Jackman might have looked like an Adonis as Wolverine, but his body was in terrible shape.

He was getting very little sleep, working out so hard his joints ached, deliberately dehydrated himself for a couple of days before filming his shirtless scenes, and probably nearly passed out more than once because of it.

And of course he used steroids, even short-term use affects the liver and other organs.

“I absolutely hate it when people use the word healthy or nutritious when they mean low calorie, or the other way around, when people say unhealthy when they mean high calorie.

The nutrient content of food has absolutely nothing to do with its calorie content. There’s nothing healthy about a quart of unsweetened iced tea, and there’s nothing unhealthy about an avocado or a handful of nuts (you know, unless you have a nut allergy).

Every time I tell someone I’m trying to eat healthier, I understand that you shouldn’t be eating peanuts, get a Diet Coke instead. Words mean things, people. You know we screwed up somewhere when a 2L of Diet Mountain Dew is considered healthier than a baked potato.

It’s right there with you don’t need to eat healthy, you’re not fat. It’s as if we’ve simultaneously been turned on to believe that the two states of man are fat and healthy, and that if you’re not in the fat category you deserve to reward yourself by being unhealthy on purpose. It’s no wonder children have so many eating disorders.

“Juice purifies.

No fibers or anything.

Just sugar water.

“Complaining about every single thing and calling it a vent.

My ex was like that. Constantly focusing on the negative.

If you want to find something to complain about, you will.

I also worked on gratitude. I think this is the other way around.

“”Nature” in general.

There is a huge marketing impact on the products you buy. If it says it’s 100% natural, you’ll prefer it over one that isn’t. Nature has no notion of healthy or not.

Uranium or cyanide are 100% natural, it doesn’t mean they are healthy.

“The culture of wine for mothers.

Alcoholic liver disease is actually on the rise for otherwise healthy young women in their 40s, they just don’t realize that a few drinks in a bottle nearly every night is actually quite harmful.

The pandemic has caused this wave. The rosé all day and wine Wednesday trends are popular and this obviously makes the transition to the culture of relaxing with wine that much more difficult.

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