5 reasons why you still can’t see your abs, despite working out

If you’ve spent hours at the gym doing some of the best abs exercises, but you still don’t see any difference in your midsection, don’t panic! Strong abs are more than just an aesthetic goal — they can help you sit with better posture, reduce back pain, lift heavier weights, and run faster. However, if visible abs are your goal, you may be discouraged if your time at the gym hasn’t given you the results you’d hoped for.

Again, it’s worth noting that getting a six-pack or losing weight doesn’t have to be the main reason you exercise. Exercise has a number of physical and mental benefits: Staying active can improve brain health, protect you from chronic disease, help keep your heart healthy, and lower blood pressure. That said, if getting a six-pack is your goal, here’s where you could go wrong:

1. You’re not feeding properly

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