Diet guru Dr. Michael Mosley shares the best “anti-aging” foods, including almonds

Beauty aficionados are knowledgeable about the best creams and serums to help reduce the visible impacts of aging, but not many people realize that the food they’re eating could be having an impact, too. Diet guru Dr. Michael Mosley, famous for creating the 5:2 meal plan, has spoken to leading scientists in a new documentary about how to slow, or even reverse, the aging process.

Experts have revealed that genetics play a relatively small role in how we age. They have been told that eating for gut health, the microbiome, is integral to aging and survival well beyond the average lifespan, reports CoventryLive.

Dr Mosley wrote in the Daily Mail: ‘We know what and how much you eat plays a key role in whether or not you stay healthy, but what appears to be equally important is the impact this food has on your gut microbiome, the mix of bacteria, viruses and fungi, which live in your gut.”

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In a study, published earlier this month in the journal Nature Aging, scientists from the Guangxi Academy of Sciences in China compared the microbiomes of 1,575 people, ranging in age from 20 to over 100.

Explaining the findings, Dr. Mosley says: ‘They found that healthy centenarians (those least affected by age-related diseases) had a very diverse mix of insects in their guts, with particularly high levels of a bacterial species called Bacteroidetes. This insect has previously linked to thinness , and is present in much smaller amounts in the intestines of overweight people.”

And for those now wondering which foods are best for gut health, the experts at superfood supplement shop Human Tonik have revealed the top five items:

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