Jennifer Aniston shares downside of doing too much cardio: ‘I just burned and broke my body’

Jennifer Aniston she is 54 years old and still looks as good as she did when she became internationally famous for filming Friends in the 90’s. Even when she was forty a decade ago, the TV and film star had no problem showing off her fit body perform a striptease in We are the Millers or seducing Charlie Day’s character with nothing but a lab coat and underpants Terrible bosses. To stay in great shape, Aniston has been working out constantly, but admits the downside of doing too much cardio is experiencing burnout and how she “broke down [her] body.”

Exercising is such a positive practice to implement on a routine basis that it is good for your body and mind. Jennifer Aniston has been very focused on getting in shape, but she told InStyle the downside of being pressured by cardio to work harder until you “feel the burn.”

When you’re in the mindset of, “I have to do 45 minutes of cardio or I’m not going to get a good workout in,” it’s daunting. I believed it for so long. I just burned and broke my body.

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